Sunday, March 26, 2006

One 9v cell phone novelty coming up!

Firstly, this is a novelty. Don't get me wrong, it worked. Placing a 9 volt battery on these leads went into charge mode. But, there are better ideas for doing this mod called using a resistor. I had some time between jobs and it was a perfect working condition cell phone. The 9 volt contacts were grafted from a repalcement 9 volt adapter available at electronic or hobby stores.

During the six hours to complete this project a lot of calculations were done. One calculation was not interfering with the 9 volt when the top half was flipped up. As each screw came out to get to the inside where I wanted to run the wires, I studied possible routes for the wires as they needed to ultimately get to the charge port at the bottom of the phone.

The room you have to work with is obviously small, I don't know the exact gauge of wire, but needs to be small enough so it wouldn't interfere with existing electronics. The wires are not shown here because I removed them after 9 months. I started having display problems, no display problems after I removed the wires, go figure.

Using a volt meter set for continuity, you can determine on the inside of the charge port what wires are positive and negative and solder accordingly. Should you try this, don't forget wire to the leads on top of the phone correctly. When you plug a 9 volt battery to it the positive post on the battery fits into the negative coupler, so the positive wire from the charge port on the phone gets wired to what the negative lead looks like on the 9 volt. Since I didn't use a diode, a small level of voltage is present at the 9v leads. I used liquid electric tape and a toothpick to paint on a coating to protect from shorting.


Blogger Zach said...

Why not just buy an adapter for your phone (wall, car, it doesn't matter... the cheapest you could find), then hack a 9V battery onto the adapter. Presto bingo, no more having to worry about opening it up --- and no more ugly 9V terminals on the top of your phone.

2:27 PM  
Blogger moddy said...

I have since tethered a short cable to the outside of the phone with fishing string. I braided the fishing string with 3 strands for extra strength. Since the cable about 10cm was still too long, I tied it in a loose over hand knot. Now I not only have the ability to charge it in any USB port, it's a data cable as well and I can access the memory chip like a jump drive.

3:56 AM  

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